mo design

was founded in 1998 by Monique Eillebrecht. This one-woman enterprise explores the dynamic field where technology meets fashion. Mo design specialises in the use of high-tech fabrics in performance wear and technical designs for the fashion industry.

Mo design creates pragmatic, adaptive and functional apparel. By playing with the set limits mo design generates a creative space, allowing for the exchange of knowledge, skills and experience. Monique Eillebrecht started her career in 1988 as designer and merchandiser for O’Neill (1987-1989). She continued her work in sports-performance wear as designer and merchandiser for Flaim (1992), Bad Boys (2000-2001), Nomad (1997-2011) and ANKY (2002-now). In addition she worked for fashion brands like Soap Studio, Miel and Setter. In 2010 she co-launched the brand LÖV where she was able to combine her skills and experiences in the design of fashionable, functional and fair raincoats. Since 2011, Monique also teaches at MAFAD (Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design) and is since September 2017 head of the design department.